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What exactly is Lagunbiru?
What is the game's schedule? Applications/Reserves?
What if my character doesn't want to have sex?
Is monogamy allowed? What about marriage?
Can my character have a job?
What is the time scale like? How close IC:OOC are we?
How many characters can I have?
Is there a character-per-canon cap?
What characters can be applied for?
Tell me more about the five desires!

How did I get here?
What can I bring to Lagunbiru?
Who keeps the station running?
What are the consequences of criminal activity?
Can characters die? What if they arrived after dying?
Can characters become pregnant?
What if I need a special diet / meds / accommodations? If my character isn't human?
What is the currency like? How is it managed and exchanged?
Can characters pool resources/money for better living?
How do we really know someone went home? How can I keep my character from trying to leave?

What are the activity check requirements?
How does the communicator work?
What if they lose their communicator or it's stolen?
How do characters understand each other?
I have more questions about the technology!
How do canon updates occur?
What happens when someone drops?
And what about re-application?

Last Updated: July 12th, 2017.


↠ What exactly is Lagunbiru?
Lagunbiru is known throughout the galaxy as a kind of paradise in space, and with good reason. For the elite who live or holiday there, wealthy beyond all measure, nothing is out of reach. For those who exist to entertain them, things can be a little more spartan - but there's always hope to reach the upper echelons of society by demonstrating an ability to be truly new and exciting.

What's missing on Lagunbiru is novelty. With almost everything easily obtainable if you're rich enough, it takes something very unusual to entertain the long-term residents. At the moment, 'kink bingo' is the way to find some excitement - and new arrivals are encouraged, as long as they can find some way to make themselves interesting.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lagunbiru is extremely technologically advanced. Residents each have a stylish and usually unique piece of jewelry that functions as phone, credit card, and identification all at once - and stores their own personal bingo card, of course. Coded to their own life signature, the jewelry is completely useless to anyone except its owner.

For detailed information on Lagunbiru, please see the LOCATIONS page.

↠ What if my character doesn't want to have sex?
There are all kinds of... encouragement... available on Lagunbiru. Apart from the near-constant invitations from the residents, aphrodisiacs are readily available - in food, in water, even sometimes wafted through the air. Desire can be ignored or avoided for a while, perhaps... but not for long.

↠ What is the game schedule like? Are there application cycles, reserves, mandatory HMD memes?
Applications will open on Jan 1st, 2017, and at this time it's intended that apps will always be open. There is a one week reservation period that players may utilize that will prevent any other applications for the same character in challenge, but they are not necessary to apply. If the reserver's application is rejected, others are then free to apply for that character. There are no mandatory How's My Driving memes, but we do encourage players to have a venue for contact and constructive criticism in their journals.

The game schedule is as follows:
  • 1st Week: Activity Check, with 3 day grace period to follow.
  • 1st: Monthly event log.
  • 15th, bi-monthly: Network mingle.
  • 25th(ish): Event information and plotting for following month. Test drive meme.

↠ Is monogamy allowed? How about marriage?
Both monogamy and marriage are recognized on Lagunbiru, although they are not exactly encouraged and characters who are monogamous or choose to marry are considered somewhat strange and...well, boring. And who wants to be boring?

OOCly, while players are perfectly welcome to only play smut in monogamous relationships, we expect a range of gen interaction!

↠ Can my character get a job?
If they really want to, they can ask around but are largely turned away. Only low-level jobs are available to unskilled newcomers, and there is no need to work as Lagunbiru provides a stipend to each resident. As characters complete bingos, this stipend becomes more generous. However, characters who prefer to have something to do that doesn't involve kink are welcome to find a job to fill their time. Please check with the mod before having your character get a job that is not an entry-level position such as retail salesperson, waiter, etc!

↠ What sort of time scale is there?
Lagunbiru works on a 1:1 scale: one day OOC is equivalent to one day IC. There are 15 days in a month, and 10 months in a year on Lagunbiru. The months are as follows: Chlul, Hu, Slene, Clons, Chlits, Ledloino, Sruk, Kroix, Phelt, Ukeh. There are no seasons due to the steady rotation and orbit of Haen, and thus no culture of solstices or equinoxes ever formed, much less aboard the Station, though it's difficult to say what whims may take over the locals to move into simulations or themed events.

While previously we had run on a 3:1 basis and stated that character birthdays and seasons won't align with real life OOCly, we have since changed our stance on the matter to allow the cycles to eventually sync up and for word to ICly spread what time of year it is, roughly-speaking. Character birthdays and holidays can now reflect real life - mazeltov!

↠ How many characters can I have?
There are currently no limits on how many characters a single player may have, provided they are able to keep all their characters active. However, players may only send in one application per RL month so that they have time to integrate each character into Lagunbiru.

At this time, players may also play only one character from any given canon. This may be subject to change once the game has had some time to grow.

↠ Is there a character-per-canon cap?
At this time, there is a character cap of 10 characters per canon. This may be subject to change at a later time, if multiple canons reach their cap. For the moment, I hope to encourage a broad range of canons.

↠ What characters can be apped?
  • MINIMUM AGE: Characters must be over the age of 15 in both mental capability and physical appearance. This means a character who appears to be physically 10 but is mentally hundreds of years old cannot be accepted. A character who is physically adult but mentally has the capacities of a child also cannot be accepted. If there is any doubt, please consult the mod.
  • AGE-UPS: Aged-up characters are accepted, with some restrictions: the character cannot be aged up more than 5 years, and the character must be recognizably an older version of their canon self.
  • SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES: Superpowered characters are accepted and abilities are not nerfed, except for game-breaking abilities such as calling down armageddon. Abilities that can destroy buildings or similar may also require modification if the character is likely to use them. Players will be asked to list their characters' abilities when applying, and can discuss any required nerfing or modification at that time.
  • NON-HUMAN CHARACTERS: Non-human characters are accepted and may remain in their original form or may be anthropomorphized, whichever the player prefers. The only requirement is that they must have the ability to perform sexual acts that would satisfy the requirements of kink bingo. If in doubt, please discuss options with the mod!
  • POSSESSED CHARACTERS: Characters whose personalities are affected by the addition of another are acceptable, as are those who can be taken over by another being provided that the personality section of the application covers both personalities, but completely possessed characters with no autonomy are a case-by-case basis. Please contact the mod to ask!
  • SIZE: The maximum height for characters is 10 feet/305cm. Characters may be downsized to conform to this height limit if necessary. While there is no minimum height limit, characters must have the ability to perform sexual acts that would satisfy the requirements of kink bingo. If in doubt, please talk to the mod!
  • OCs / VERY MINOR CHARACTERS / CRAUs: OCs and fandom OCs are accepted, provided that fandom OCs do not have any relationship to canon characters. Very minor characters are accepted as long as there is enough canon to establish a voice and personality for them; players are permitted to extrapolate from canon to flesh out the character. CRAUs are not accepted.
  • GENDERSWAPS: Genderswaps are not accepted. If you wish your character to experience life as another gender, there are IC mechanics to temporarily enable this!
  • MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF A CHARACTER: At this time, only one version of a character will be accepted - only one Batman, only one Superman, etc.

↠ Are there restrictions on what can be asked for in the five desires? How will these be applied in-game?
The five desires are intended to be a reward from the station to encourage further participation, and, OOCly, a mechanic to allow your character motivation to comply with the wishes of the environment. It is very heavily encouraged that you make these desires tangible and not something as widespread as "peace on earth" or "I wish (other character) was here", otherwise they can't be used as proper motivation. Desires can be large or small, and are ICly used as a carrot before the horse, but OOCly doled out by mod request - please contact us before assuming a desire can be used! We need to keep track of these.

Desires can be physical items such as books or clothing, an upgrade to their housing, or something less tangible such as information or the ability to send a message 'home', though characters would be informed it will take a very long time to reach another galaxy. It can also be something such as body modifications or curing an ailment or disorder the character may have with a visit to the med techs, or a prosthetic limb - anything obtainable that will help them in the longrun!


↠ How did I get here?
It's a good question. Everything's a little bit... fuzzy... after a certain point. All you know is that you woke up with a pounding headache to see a screen on the wall displaying a message of welcome. Below the screen, a small table holds just one item - an piece of jewelry that the welcome message indicates you should put on. If you do, things become a little clearer: projected in the air in front of you is an application to be admitted to Lagunbiru, the terms of which include that you agree to fulfil the station's requirements before attempting to return home. There's a contract attached. It doesn't look like one you can easily get out of.

And it has your signature on it. The funny thing is that you might not remember ever seeing the contract before...

↠ What can I bring to Lagunbiru?
Characters arrive with only the clothes on their back, and any items they might have been holding. But don't worry - their new apartment will have a small assortment of clothes and shoes in their size, a food synthesizer ready to go, and of course all the entertainment they could want on their wall screen! Let's be real, it's mostly porn.

  • TECHNOLOGY can be brought to Lagunbiru and will mostly work as intended. Computers, tablets and similar items will not be able to interface with Lagunbiru technology, but will function as stand-alone devices. Phones will not be able to connect with the Lagunbiru network or their own telephone networks, but will also function as stand-alone devices. For a steep fee, characters can buy customized charging cables from electronics shops so their devices do not run out of battery.
  • WEAPONS can be brought to Lagunbiru, provided they are small enough to fit in a duffel bag. If in doubt, please check with the mods! Only one weapon per character may be brought; for the purposes of this rule, paired daggers or paired guns are considered to be a single weapon. Using weapons for any reason apart from as a consensual kink act is ICly prohibited and will attract severe punishment. Using weapons as part of a consensual kink act is perfectly fine.
  • PETS cannot be brought to Lagunbiru.
  • ANY ITEM TOO LARGE TO BE CARRIED cannot be brought to Lagunbiru.

↠ Who keeps this place running?
The station manager herself is named Saša Uduak Cheng, politely referred to as Madam Cheng by those who are actually aware of her presence, but many of the residents couldn't care less who's in charge so long as their party never ends. She can be contacted very selectively via the communicators after fishing around and finally finding someone who knows her name, and characters will have to leave messages stating their business. It may take some time to reply - she's a very busy woman, after all. OOCly, these interactions will be handwaved if your character seeks answers, and it can be hashed out by contacting the mod via e-mail or PM.

The elite residents of Lagunbiru do not do any work or chores (unless it's part of a kink) - there are others to do that for them. For the richest, those others are human servants; for those with slightly less money, robots without much intelligence can be hired for a lower price. They have no real defining traits beyond their wealth. They will in general wear more expensive clothing, have more expensive items, and be more comfortable with the kinky environment. They will also in general be harder to interest in things that aren't new and exciting to them; they can buy pretty much anything they want, so many things have been done before and are now boring. They are all human, but some may have elected to have body modifications done - very extensive body mods are available. They do not have any form of superhuman power, which is one of the reasons some new residents may have been invited - superhuman powers are new and exciting, after all! So too are worlds that are unlike their own, stories/music/arts that are unlike their own, fashions that are unlike their own, and so on.

The station and dome are run by the best engineers money can buy, and plenty of them. For the most part, nothing in Lagunbiru ever breaks down, and anything that does is fixed as swiftly as possible. It just wouldn't do for the residents to suffer a moment of discomfort. Anyone seeking answers as to who owns or runs Lagunbiru might be told that the corporation that owns Haen also owns Lagunbiru, but the corporation's name is deemed so obvious that no one will actually answer what it is. Everyone knows the sky is blue and grass is green, so why ask?

Shops, bars, restaurants and the like are also manned by ever-smiling, always-polite humans. Wages here are better than anywhere else in the galaxy, and non-disclosure contracts are absolutely water-tight.

Those who work for Lagunbiru are off-limits for sexual contact. Any resident who tries to coax them into a kink will swiftly find themselves doing menial tasks for the station, taking the place of the worker until a trained replacement can be hired. Since no one wants to do chores - ugh, boring - these kind of incidents are few and far between.

The station can support up to 100,000 lives and accommodations, and roughly 70% of the station is already inhabited, so there is a fair amount of traffic, businesses, and plenty, plenty of space to explore.

↠ What are the consequences of crime? Is there any criminal activity to be found?
There is no criminal element aboard the ship and the private security firm in charge of Lagunbiru has no qualms in booting those who bought their place aboard the station (NPCs) off the station if they drum up trouble - a nightmare concept for many to be banned, and the option of ejecting someone from airlock for worse crimes is enough to deter anything spicier than stealing or hustling games in the pleasure dome.

PCs who owe the station their status will effectively end up in jail and/or required to do menial labor or community service to continue paying off their debt and atone for their (attempted) crimes. The IC information provided is that there are extremely severe punishments for those who break the law. The laws cover more severe matters such as larson, money laundering or human rights (no unwilling prostitution), excessive violence or murder, unlawful access (no breaking & entering), etc.

They do not cover recreational drug use or force any limitations on minors in the way of driving (the cars in Lagunbiru are compact and self-driving), smoking, or drinking, and there are no laws forcing those under the age of 18 into any sort of learning institutes. If you wish to further your education on your own, however, there are tutors available. They most likely have fishnets and fake glasses on and take too much pleasure in swatting knuckles with a ruler, but will otherwise not under any circumstances sleep with the PCs. (PC tutors, however...)

↠ Can my character die? What if they're brought to Lagunbiru after dying?
On Lagunbiru, death is final. Snuff can be played out in the many VR rooms; alternately, characters who can be quickly retrieved by medteams can be revived in Lagunbiru's hospitals, just as paramedics can often revive people in the real world. If your character dies outside a VR room, you cannot continue to play them. However, they may be reapped by another player at another time.

If they've died in canon, they were effectively spirited away at the last possible second before brain death and revived via state of the art medical technology aboard the station. Why? Perhaps it's a clarion call for easy entertainment, someone thankful enough having their life saved to get down a little dirtier. Or perhaps it was simply chance.

↠ Can my character become pregnant/impregnate someone?
While pregnancy is permitted (with mod approval!), there are no children on Lagunbiru. Newborns are sent to creches on Haen to be raised by specially trained parent-substitutes.

↠ What if my character isn't human, needs a particular diet, blood packets/tablets, specific medications, or my character is disabled/unable to travel on foot?
All things necessary to survive will be provided for characters, no matter their species. Certain diets may be difficult to accommodate due to the expense of fresh or imported foods, but things such as blood supplements for vampires, raw meats for shapeshifters, (synthetic) souls in liquid form, life-saving medications, or wheelchair-accessible venues are all covered. Alternatively, if you wish, characters can be "healed" of their need for heart medications or physical disabilities taken care of to restore function to their bodies. That is entirely up to player discretion!

Inhuman characters can be humanized at player discretion, or they can be altered to accommodate the goal of Lagunbiru - if they're a robot or a synthetic material, they can be given parts and an artificial nervous system to "feel", or senses can be restored to those with the capability that have been deadened, or mermaids can be given special treatments to breathe air and special wheelchairs for mobility. Whatever will be most fun for you, the player!

What is the currency like? How is it managed and exchanged?
The currency on Lagunbiru would be 'credits', abbreviated as 'c' i.e. 1400c or 1.4c. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 U.S. Dollar and there are no smaller denominations of currency to account for cents. This currency is used both on Lagunbiru and on its planet Haen, as well as by commercial and pleasure vessels arriving on the station. Since conversion happens only at worlds/stations away from Lagunbiru, no IC conversion rates are deemed necessary for the residents of the station. Sorry, newcomer! Similarities will be clear in the cost of a starfucks coffee (4c) or a movie ticket (10c) or booking a hotel for a night (120c, if we're speaking of the shabby ones above the bars).

Credits can also be physical notes and handled via communicators for exchanges or payments in stores. Notes can be withdrawn during purchases at any store if characters prefer the physical note in hand (polymer banknotes, akin to Canadian currency). Context for most purchases or upgrades will be counted in how much of a bingo card will need to be completed, i.e. funds gathered, to obtain it instead of a solid number. If characters want to move up in living conditions, for example, it'll be "about half their bingo card", and with each square being 1000c, ranging anywhere between 12,000c to 20,000c depending on their choice of luxury within the next "tier", and so on.

If a character doesn't have the money to spend, they won't be able to spend it. There is no overdraft feature and no lines of credit. Enjoy that walk of shame out of the grocery store, bucko.

Can characters pool their resources together for larger purchases or rooming upgrades? What about giving money to other characters?
People are completely welcome to move in together to save money and cut costs on upgrades to better living situations! They're free to pool resources on other purchases such as sharing a kitchen upgrade or a jacuzzi, or give money to other characters in the guise of "services rendered".

How do we really know someone went home? What information can PCs get by asking after a character who's dropped? What can I do to keep my character in Lagunbiru if they're focused on leaving?
Anyone asking after ship logs for departures, record of completed bingo cards, or any relating information will be firmly told that privacy laws don't allow anyone on the station to share such information, but they will be assured that cards are completed and people do purchase tickets every week to return home, schedules allowing. Records do exist and no one answering these questions are lying, but no one will be accessing them or getting further information from the station workers.

Goal-oriented characters who want nothing more than to go home immediately have a few options in this: they can have signed their contract to say for a specified length of time, or the processing of their cards for further funds can be delayed, or they can go through all the motions and be a perfectly good resident but the next shuttle to their galaxy/planet could be a long time coming - it could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years. So why don't you start another bingo card to spend your wait time here, earn some more money to take home to mom? The station workers will contact you when your shuttle is scheduled to arrive. (OOC Hint: It could be never.)


↠ What's AC like?
The game is meant to be toned down from the requirements of most smut games. While we require players to have their characters participate in smutty threads, they are not necessary for the character to survive at the station; those characters will merely have a baseline quality of life without the perks of those who've filled out kinks - and characters who don't complete their card will never have the chance to go home.

While this game encourages smut, it does not encourage idling. Therefore, AC will be performed once per month, with the following requirements:

Players must present proof of activity in the following forms:
  • Check-in for players apped in within the month in question OR from those who took more than a 14 day hiatus during the month in question.
  • 2 threads of at least 5 comments from your character, or 1 thread of at least 10 comments from your character, or a log or network starter with at least 15 comments from your character (in any number of threads). Threads may be either logs, network posts or comments, or comments on the test drive meme.

Comments do not need to be smut in order to count for AC requirements. Players may submit gen threads while getting their characters into the mood, although of course the intent is that players should do their best to get their characters into kinks as soon as possible. If a character needs a little prompting, your mod is more than happy to discuss ways in which Lagunbiru will encourage them.

You may take one strike for failing AC, if you do not have sufficient comments to pass. This may be done only once. Failing AC a second time will mean your character is removed from the game.

Although AC can be solely gen comments, this is still a kink game and one requirement to remain in-game is that players will thread kinks. Before apping, please consider whether you will be comfortable writing smut with your chosen character!

↠ How does the communicator work?
Upon arrival, each resident of Lagunbiru receives a simple piece of jewelry that functions as their communicator. The exact type of jewelry is up to their player - it may be a watch, a necklace, a ring, or anything else that seems suitable.

While wearing their communicator, residents will hear any spoken communication directed at them (the equivalent of a phone call) as though the person in question is in the same room as them. Text communication (the equivalent of a text message) will appear as a heads-up display in the bottom corners of their vision; they can respond via thinking of the words they wish to send. Video communication (the equivalent of Skype) will appear as a partly-transparent projection in front of them, but they can move the projection to another part of their field of vision if they wish to move without bumping into things because the projection is blocking their view.

The communicator can be set to 'do not disturb' mode and will store voice, text or video messages until its owner chooses to retrieve them. There is no storage limit, and while deletion of these messages is possible, it is unnecessary.

It is not possible to send a message without intending to; however, it is possible to broadcast a message to the entire station, or to selected individuals, and it is possible to make a mistake with filtering who should receive a message.

Messages sent by a character will show the name they signed their contract with. Whether that is their real name or an alias is up to the player - we suggest whatever name the character would be most likely to use to a stranger they may find slightly suspicious. All characters in Lagunbiru are listed on the communicator under this name, available for all others to see and contact similar to a phone book, with the option to create contact groups for easy access - favorites, recently contacted, and so on. All people on Lagunbiru have communicators, even NPCs.

↠ What if my character loses their communicator / it's stolen by another character / damaged?
It will be in their apartment the next time they return there. If it is stolen or given away, it will disappear from the thief/receipient's possession as soon as they are not paying attention, and reappear in the rightful owner's apartment. The station's robots are extremely efficient. Any attempts to destroy the communicators, while entirely possible, would result in warnings in the process that the cost of the device will be deducted from their savings or their following bingo stipend and a new one will simply re-appear at the earliest convenience (the following morning), with characters left that much poorer for it.

↠ How do characters understand each other?
Unsurprisingly, there is a universal translator at play. If characters concentrate very hard, they may be able to hear the original language another character is speaking in. If words are written down, they will be able to see the original language they are written in, but a translation will be projected over the top by their communicator.

↠ What are the limits on the provided technology? How much can my character tinker with it? Is any coding accessible for them?

Lagunbiru technology is quite some time in the future (over 1,000 years, to be exact) so while some aspects may seem familiar to characters, that's only an accessibility feature. The interfacing on the communicators is nothing that can connect to other characters' technology, and any attempts at tinkering with it will result in the delicate inner components shattering irreparably and receiving a replacement the next morning. It is unfortunately a very unusual and delicate process that will not mesh with other types of tech.

The coding as well is a unique structure that has far exceeded our own abilities,

A character's native technology can still be utilized to keep pictures, music, or games functional to a degree, but no messages will filter through nor will there of course be any sort of reception or internet access. Chargers can be purchased for a hefty sum of 1,000c or so, and anyone's attempts at proliferating their own programs or apps through similar PC technology will get a firm slap on the wrist by security - they'd much prefer you not endanger others to vulnerabilities in your archaeic software.

As far as building things from scrap or salvaged components of other devices, this is acceptable to a degree - small toys are fine to assume, but anything more or anything usable beyond a kink aspect, please contact the mods. Engineers on Lagunbiru can recreate many things a good deal more safely for a sum. Attempted information-gathering apps put on the network will earn you a visit from security as well - they don't take cyber-threats lightly, either!

↠ How do canon updates occur?
The mechanism would require a character to come close to death, either in a fight or by simply collapsing. There would be a slight technical glitch during revival by the medtechs which would result in new memories etc. If the character mentioned this to staff, they would be extremely apologetic and could attempt to 'fix' the glitch if desired - it's up to the player whether this works or not. Let's gesture at wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey things and their repercussions for plucking someone so far from home and then almost disrupting their flow in time-space.

OOCly, just let us know via e-mail or PM and we will approve and make note of the update.

↠ What happens when a character drops?
One day they're there, and the next they're...not. No one on Lagunbiru is particularly concerned, and if questioned they'll probably suggest the person might have chosen to leave, or won a trip to Haen. Who knows? For that matter, who cares? People come and go, and as long as there's new forms of excitement it doesn't matter if something old is gone. Any possessions they were carrying or had left in their rooms will also be gone; anything they gave to someone else will stay.

↠ And what about re-application?
Players who are re-apping a character they have already played at Lagunbiru may choose whether or not to keep their memories and their kink bingo progress. They may also choose where their character was during the time they were dropped: in cryogenic sleep on the station (during which time characters may be given canon updates), or getting kinky on Haen (useful for getting characters back into the swing of things quickly).

If a character is re-apped by someone who hasn't played them before, or a player who doesn't want their character to retain their memories and kink bingo progress, the character will be a new arrival in Lagunbiru. Either way, the residents of Lagunbiru will be pleased to see another new face!

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[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-15 03:38 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! OK, so a question about the information that can be obtained ICly regarding the game environment.

I noted among the comments here questions about messages home, people actually going home, contacting the space station manager, being promised a big item is on its way and taking forever, and most importantly, the library.

If someone's got a character who comes from a series where humans are already in space, but a limited portion of space, what would they be able to discern? That is, in the library question, it was said the library had information on Haen and the space station, history and all that typical stuff.

Where would (if possible) a character be able to get information about their specific solar system / galaxy / location / distance from Earth / etc.? The library or elsewhere? What would that information be, if it can be relatively easily accessed? Sorry, space familiar inspector dude, and all.

Secondly, if someone was to seek more concrete information about how the heck they got here, would anyone have a forthcoming answer, and if they attempted to go through the chain to contact the station manager for that information, what would it be? (I'm assuming vague and unhelpful, but gotta ask!)

Thank you!!
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[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-22 12:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I very much hope you're on the mend now.

Cool, cool -- so is it a solar system anyone else would recognize the layout or name of, so to be able to extrapolate based on space knowledge they had? (Like, right now we know about such and such star with such and such earth like planets at x-distance from us).

Is there anyone or any place that would have information like that -- i.e. relative place in the cosmos and how far it actually and specifically is from Earth and such places?

Yes, thank you! Sorry for the follow ups!

ETA: Just for fun -- I'm assuming the library otherwise has just like. An amazingly huge variety of technically fiction books of every genre, but they're really just... amazingly pornographic tawdry romance novels within every genre? Like. Is that the fiction situation?
Edited 2017-04-22 20:50 (UTC)
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[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-30 12:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Really no need to apologize! I'm just getting increasingly worried for you!!

OK, awesome, very cool. This of course leads to the question of, what would be the price, either in terms of the stipend a new arrival gets, or in terms of number of bingo boxes?

Poor station staff. I hope they also get non porn TV.

Also, I'm going to be super annoying and ask another question that is totalllllly unrelated but as complicated, in a different way. Though my dude's technically not actually dead, there are two people whose lives he has some investment in who are either 100% definitely dead or 100% definitely just about, for which in his time he can have ZERO DOUBTS, having either killed one himself or been using the disembodied brain of another.

In that sort of situation, if he cares about their ability to be able to leave as a motivation for his own departure/card filling, what is the explanation for how despite them very much being dead, they're alive here (I know, taken from the moment before death and super duper medical technology), and theoretically also able to leave and return upon satisfying their contracts? Timey... wimey... time machine stuff?
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[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-30 01:39 pm (UTC)(link)
We'll throw it a parade...

After x months kind of feeling like maybe he should get a refund/discount. Rip off!!!

Now I'm wondering what it's like, the daily life of Jenny the not-robot staff member. Does she have a significant other. Is she allowed to be intimate with them. Has any desire to be intimate been totally squeezed out of her. Does she just watch My Little Pony and sip chocolate milk and pretend for awhile that every surface of the station wouldn't light up like 6 billion stars under a UV light...

whoa, man

and I guess he'd need to be asking people rather than finding those explanations in the books.

Awesome, thanks so much! Feel better and I hope soon!
reckoner: (009. ᴡɪsʜɪɴɢ ɪ ᴡᴀs ʀɪɢʜᴛ)

[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-30 01:59 pm (UTC)(link)
poor Jenny... will her main squeeze understand? I'd say she needs a friend but I'm guessing any contract party who tried to talk to her wouldn't get too far. She knows what you do.

inb4 Lagunbiru 2: Jenny's Revenge:

(i'm sorry i started with the gifs now i can't stop)

Very good to know. Certain residents... your credibility is kind of low... gonna have to go with the pretty suspicious pre-signing and technology answer. My new best friend the station manager! Space maps and complicated life questions. That person better get a heckuva space check.
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[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-30 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I think maybe Jenny's significant other had better also do a six month stint at Lagunbiru, so to better understand Jenny, and be similarly fulfilled. They can donate their excess credits to a chastity foundation (or the convent).

At least the station manager's having fun. (What's her name?)

There's like. A really obvious joke I could make about Lagunbiru's bureaucratic machine lacking oil and general lubrication in the context of you-know-what, so instead, I'm going to throw out one more gif for the road and stop pestering you:

reckoner: (005. ᴀ ɢʜᴏsᴛ ᴀᴛ sᴇᴀ)

[personal profile] reckoner 2017-04-30 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
What a life.

Thank you!!

and yes so much fun (and utility!) lmfao thank you for humoring me with poor, poor Jenny!!
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[personal profile] fuckai 2017-09-13 02:08 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I had a quick question about media available on the station. I know that there's access to movie theaters and the like, but I was wondering if characters would have access to like... Earth movies and the like.

Specifically, Church is wanting to get his hands on a copy of Reservoir Dogs. Would that be possible, or would he only be able to find a knock-off alien version?
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[personal profile] panzersoldat 2017-10-06 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question about the 5 desires. Reinhardt is now in the position where he could pretty much just buy the rest of his 5 desires. Are we allowed to ask for new desires? Or are those set in stone forever?

IE: Reinhardt wants an armor stand initially, which he could probably get no problem on his own
Instead, he'd like his Hammer (or a tiny adorable model replica of)

He has good german beer on his want list now
Instead, a full stack of mint condition Crusaders Trading cards and others Crusaders PR Paraphernalia.

Would this be possible?
panzersoldat: (coffee)

[personal profile] panzersoldat 2017-10-14 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
here is the profile with the newly updated list. Added in is what has already been granted to him.