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↠ About the Kink Bingo Cards
Upon acceptance to the game, each character is given a bingo card that works as a swipe card for the entire station. Each cell in the card (save the very middle, which is a wildcard option) is labelled with some sexual or kinky act that the character must perform to fill that space on the table. Completing a row, or another pattern (such as an 'x' or a '+'; see 'Achievements' for more) will ICly allow characters into more lavish parts of the station and eventually afford them the option to go home via money earned for the acts, which is explained upon arrival. This card is contained within stylish and usually unique piece of jewelry that functions as phone, credit card, and identification all at once.

Characters can show their card to others by manipulating the jewelry in some way (pressing a button, twisting a particular feature, etc), at which point the card will be projected as a hologram in the air in front of them.

Upon application, players are required to fill out two bingo card-specific portions of their form. One lists hard no's, which can be chosen from the provided list of kinks. The second requires a list of up to twelve wanted kinks, which will be randomly distributed upon their character's card along with at least twelve randomly selected kinks from the game's list - excluding the hard no's of course.

If a player receives a card that they absolutely do not want, they may request one reroll. Following a complete reroll, they will have to have their character complete at least one line of their current card (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical) before exchanging their card for a new one. At this point the player will give proof of each kink that was fulfilled, and be asked to submit an updated list of no's and favourites before receiving a new card.

Upon receiving a card, a player also receives five opportunities to reroll a single cell in the card. These can be used immediately, or at a later time if it turns out a kink in the card is going to be unpleasant or impossible for the player to write.

Upon completing the entire table, a character can be allowed to leave the station, or they can be given a special 'bonus card' extension which resets their card but retains the character's privileges. Players can have their character stay as long as they want, progressing through bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Each card is respected at a more prestigious level by the station's and planet's elite.

If a character is dropped from the game, a new player playing that character will be required to start a new card. However, a player who returns to the game with that character may choose to resume their card where they left off, or start over again.

There is no trading of cards; however, characters are ICly encouraged to help one another even if the kink on one character's card is not shared with another. The kink list has been designed to help players find common ground in kinks so that both players may fill a cell upon completing a thread.

↠ About Bingo Card Requirements and Achievements
NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS OOC ONLY: Characters will need to discover this information for themselves in-game.

A square on a card is filled out when a thread (that has an erotic focus upon a kink) is completed between two or more characters or meets 2 of the 3 listed requirements. Characters are not required to reach orgasm (though it is of course welcome!), however sexual arousal by at least one party as portrayed by physical arousal (flushed, hard or wet sexual organs, sensitized flesh, dilated pupils, elevated heart-rate, etc.) is required (1). Erotic focus on a kink means that some focus on the kink itself is required (2). For example: if the kink 'authority figures' is being threaded, a character who is a cop can't simply be engaging sexually with another character, the focus of the thread should relate to the power dynamics between the cop and the other character reflect upon their actions, be it on uniform or accessories, authority used, etc. Finally, thread completion is highly encouraged (3) but we realize can be difficult to navigate OOCly with dropped or idled characters mid-thread.

Two kinks can be explored in one thread between two different characters; however, combinations of multiple kinks will not count for one character (unless that character has unlocked a bonus card). For example, Character A and Character B both have 'Endurance' on their cards while Character B has 'Caning' but A does not. In a thread involving both kinks, Character A and B can both tick 'Endurance' off of their box, but Character B cannot tick both 'Endurance' and 'Caning' off of theirs - they may instead choose one or the other.

A 'bingo' is achieved when at least five kinks are filled out on a card, in multiple combinations.
  • Line: Five kinks in a row are completed in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
  • X: Nine kinks are completed diagonally in an 'X' shape across the card.
  • +: Nine kinks are completed, one set horizontal, one set vertical, through the center of the card.
  • Picture Frame: Sixteen kinks are completed forming a square box around the outside of the card.
  • Blackout: All twenty-five kinks are filled out on the card.

↠ Bonus cards
Bonus cards work similarly to a character's original card, however they incorporate bonus bingo options. On bonus cards (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond) the following bingos can be achieved by waiving the number of kinks allowed to be used in a single thread. Note that regular bingos are also allowed on bonus cards, but any kink taken individually will not count towards a bonus bingo:

  • Double Line: Two parallel lines are completed together, where two kinks of a character's table are completed in tandem in each thread. See the kink bingo community for examples. This requires ten kinks to be completed.
  • Postage Stamp: Any 2x2 box of a character's card written into one thread, incorporating four kinks in a single thread from within those four squares.
  • Line Straight: Any single line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) that incorporates all five kinks from that line within a single thread.
  • Bonus Picture Frame: All sixteen kinks from around the outside of the card are accomplished within a single thread.
  • Bonus Blackout: All twenty-five kinks are filled out in a single thread within a card. Good luck, visitor - you're going to need it.

Characters who fill in a cell are given a stipend bonus for each box they complete, useable at a player's discretion. Each cell is worth about the equivalent of $1K USD spendable on the station, so modest upgrades to one's living space, somewhat lavish upgrades to their wardrobe, or extremely luxurious upgrades to their day-to-day essentials (body & hair care, makeup) can be bought for each completed square. Players are expected to keep track of these upgrades; they will not be policed by mods.

Completing a line (and any subsequent line) will give the character a bonus roughly equivalent to $5K, as well as open their options for housing in new parts of the station, new transportation methods, and occasionally new technologies and levels of luxury revolving around kink-based items.

Completing an X or a + will give a character a bonus equivalent of roughly $10K, and allow them further options within the more fancy areas to the station.

Completing the picture frame of a card will give a character an additional bonus equivalent of about $16K, and allow visiting rights to the elite districts of the station, along with elite levels of luxury therein.

Completing a blackout grants the character the equivalent of roughly $25K and rights to purchase a space in the elite part of the station, or - if they're lucky - a one-way ticket home. Tickets are subject to availability! While they wait, why not try a bonus card?

Bonus cards will double a character's monetary allowance for completing squares and the regular bingos. For example, each individual square completed will give a character about $2K in credits, and regular bingos will be afforded double their regular amount. However, every bonus bingo that is completed will give the character a multiplier by the number of kinks used in a single thread: the double line will double the bonus to $40K, the postage stamp will quadruple a bonus to $32K, the line straight will give $50K, the bonus picture frame would be $512K, and the blackout would be tenfold... $1.25 million USD equivalent in credits. A nice reward for the marathon required to sustain it.

In addition to the obvious merits of striving to reach bingos, when each square is filled, an alert will let the character know that they've been rewarded - at some point after they've finished whatever they were doing, of course. This can be personalized completely: a holographic burst of confetti, a blaring trumpet, a gentle ping, or a bit of holo-bubblewrap raised for the character to pop. Characters will always be able to know that they have satisfied a kink's reward criteria, though they will not be given the information on how to satisfy the criteria for each square without experimenting, asking others for help, etc. Please do not info-mod!

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